Scan Documents: Basic Instructions

Scan the Document

1. Place your Document(s) into your scanner's Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) or onto your scanner's flatbed. The Executive Assistant® assumes the ADF is your preferred Document source. When the Executive Assistant® detects an empty ADF, it scans whatever is placed on the flatbed.
2. Select from among the Multi-Page, Scan Backs, or Duplex options available to you, depending on the selected file format and scanner support.
a. The Multi-Page option scans multiple pages into the same file.
b. The Scan Backs option allows scanners without duplexing options to scan both sides of a page. After the front side of each page has been scanned, flip the stack over and scan again. For example, if your scanner scans the first page as the bottom of the bottom-most page placed in the ADF (i.e. "face forward, head down"), rescan the Document with the first page on the top of the stack and its front facing up toward the ceiling. The Executive Assistant®  collates the scanned Document as if it were duplexed, see below.
c. The Duplex option allows scanners with duplexing options to scan both sides of a Document.
3. Click Scan Single Page, Scan Batch, or Test Scan to begin scanning. If you choose Scan Single Page or Test Scan, your scanner first checks the ADF and then the flatbed if the ADF is empty.* If you choose Scan Batch, your scanner checks the ADF only.

* Insert by Scanning follows this same order.

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